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Nature and photography in the Test Valley

We residents are very fortunate to live in the beautiful surroundings of the Test Valley. It’s a privilege I try very hard never to take for granted. Photography helps me with this task, reminding me of that which changes with the season and that which endures as a constant, in both ways enriching our lives. This constant of our natural ecosystems cannot be taken for granted in modern times. It requires our love, support and constant reminder that we have […]

The photographic challenges of the Valley of Rocks

I visited Exmoor National Park for the first time in September 2021. One of the highlights of the trip I was most eagerly anticipating was the Valley of Rocks, choosing to base myself in Lynmouth to be close by for repeated visits. I’d done a little research of the area and images people had made, which provided a starting point. But what I found when I arrived wasn’t quite as straightforward as I imagined, so I thought it would be […]

Is the relationship between photography and social media broken?

Once upon a time I had 10,000 followers on Google+. True fact! I was a very early adopter in 2011 and because there weren’t many people sharing nature and wildlife photography on there at the time I gained a great many followers with very little effort. Those… were simpler times! 10 years on, we live in much noisier digital times and my 10K brag now seems pathetic. Youtubers count their followers in millions, mainstream news articles often seem little more […]