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Travel & Cultures

About this portfolio

I'm very lucky to come from a family with a natural inclination to travel and have done so since childhood. The fascination for experiencing new places has never left me and I'm also lucky to have a wife who shares my love of travel.

One of the challenges I love most about travel photography is that it takes me to the edge of my comfort zone, I'm not a natural photographer of people, but people are what is most special about different cultures.

I'm also most comfortable in the peace of natural surroundings and I have to work harder at making images in busy urban areas but, perhaps for that reason, I'm also proud of overcoming that discomfort to achieve an interesting result.

But most of all, I hope that my images inspire people simply to travel for themselves and embrace all parts of our planet. Humanity has more commonalities than differences and only by seeing the world as others do can we have empathy for all.