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Wildlife in Monochrome

About this portfolio

Black and white wildlife photography offers us a fascinating alternative view of nature. The subtraction of colour forces our attention towards other areas of interest in the subject, such as texture and form. It's these details that sustain my interest in making monochrome nature images.

Tonality is often given greater attention in landscape imagery, but all photography is interpretation of light and this applies as much to wildlife photography as any other genre.

Both high key and low key lighting give us storytelling possibilities that might be overlooked in a colour image. Those exist both in animal portraiture or in environmental images where we can use tonal extremes to add, subtract or enhance points of interest.

I find myself able to be more creatively free in monochrome, setting aside my documentary inclinations and taking more risks, willing to produce images which may not please everyone, but at least offer a challenge for the viewer to consider.