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About this portfolio

You might notice a common theme in my landscape images. I don't really do minimalism! Sometimes I've wondered why I'm not drawn to the simplicity of fine art landscape forms, but it's just not in my photographic DNA.

Instead, if I have a discernible style, I hope it communicates a love of the textures and detail of landscapes, whether the subject is rock, sand, foliage, water or sky.

For me, the job of a good landscape photo is to allow the viewer not just to observe natural beauty but to imagine making their own footsteps in that place. My landscape photography is very much linked to my desire to travel and walk in these places.

So whether it's a wide, sweeping shot where you can visualise the route you'd take or an intimate image where you can feel your hand touching that rock or how that grass would feel under your feet, I hope my images take you to the these wonderful natural places with me.