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About us

About us

Meet the Team

Cameras don't make images, people do.

Tom Hadley

Founder & Photographer

Tom Hadley

Su Hadley

CFO & Chief Wildlife Spotter

Su Hadley

Scout & Charlie

Company Mascots

Scout & Charlie

Tom's photographic journey so far

  • 2006

    Moving to Nikon - serious photography begins!

    After years of family snaps using Fuji compact and bridge cameras, Tom buys his first Nikon, the D70, before switching to the D2X 18 months later. He still uses Nikon cameras and lenses to this day.

  • 2008

    Wildlife becomes the focus

    As hobby becomes passion, Tom's work gains its first commercial exposure with the cover image of the 2008 Snow Leopard Trust annual report. He'll go on to spend several years as an artist partner of the Trust and have a number of images feature in their merchandise and annual calendar. This leads to his images being used by other NGOs including the People's Trust for Endangered Species and the Rainforest Alliance. He also begins to contribute to the Arkive project with images of rare endemic wildife photographed in Cuba.

  • 2013

    Formation of New Forest Wildlife Photography

    Tom and Su relocate to the heart of the New Forest, an area Tom has already photographed on many occasions. Tom decides to specialise in the wildlife of the area and run workshops dedicated to his new local patch, creating the New Forest Wildife Photography brand to bring attention to his work in the area.

  • 2019

    Launch of Earth Stories

    By 2019 Tom has undertaken nature photography expeditions to several parts of Africa, the Caribbean and Asia and diversified into more landscape and travel photography. Wishing to become a more rounded storyteller via images, words and video Tom creates Earth Stories to publish his full portfolio of images from around the world for the very first time.