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Wildlife – Animals

About this portfolio

Wildlife has always been my greatest photographic passion. Wildlife photography can be immensely frustrating but is enormously rewarding. What sustains my interest in those long hours spent walking in search of subjects or sitting silently in a photography hide is what nature's creatures do in my imagination.

Watching the light come and go in a forest glade and visualising a herd of deer cautiously emerging to browse, or scanning an African savannah in anticipation of a lion emerging from the long grass to hunt. These are the things of my dreams, born from a childhood fascination with the novels of Willard Price and the documentaries of Alan Root and David Attenborough.

Animals fascinate me in both their detail, their behaviour and their place in their ecosystems. So whether I'm photographing an intimate animal portrait, trying to capture every tiny detail of fur or skin texture, or framing wider to record family interactions or an environmental image, my interest is in communicating two things.

The wonder of our fauna and how valuable it is to our world and to us. We humans do not respect or value our fellow creatures nearly enough. If I can help one person change their perspective to love and revere animals and think about doing more to protect them then that is a life I'm happy to live.