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4 things I learned in creating a new photography portfolio

How do you approach building a new photography portfolio? In this vlog I examine 4 learnings I took from doing this for myself. These include: How many images should you include and what categories should you use? How do you get across your style within each gallery? How does this process help you identify any weaknesses in your portfolio? Why it’s important to celebrate your body of work and look beyond individual images

Looking for Adders in the New Forest

Sometimes the actual photography, pressing the shutter, is the easy bit. Honing our fieldcraft to find wildlife and put it in front of lens is often much harder (as I prove this week). But this vlog gives some top tips about the habitat and behaviour of adders to help you photograph these amazing reptiles.

Travel in Namibia: Wildlife Photography in Etosha National Park

We spend 3 days in Etosha National Park, Namibia photographing wildlife and exploring the huge range of this vast park.

I HATE tripods – so I created my own low-angle custom rig

In this video I confess to finding tripods a pain and show you how I combined a Platypod and a Gimbal Head to create the perfect low-level camera support for wildlife photography.

How to crop wildlife photography images

In this video I talk about a fundamental of post-processing, how to crop your images and what it means specifically for wildlife photographers. We take a dive inside Adobe Lightroom to see exactly the thought process I go through to crop a complex image.

Travel in Namibia: Waterberg Plateau – Hoba Meteorite – Mushara Bush Camp

In the second of our Namibia series we head north from Windhoek to the Waterberg Plateau, go on a game drive and then journey to Etosha with a quick stop off to see the Hoba Meteorite.

Travel in Namibia: Windhoek & Daan Viljoen Game Reserve

In the first of our Namibia series we set out from the UK to Windhoek via Johannesburg and then head to Daan Viljoen Game Reserve just outside the capital.