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Image processing 1-to-1 Zoom tutorials

With the power of modern digital technology, capturing an image is only a part of the workflow to producing the final result. Processing the image is also key to making it tell the story you want it to.


Photo Processing in Adobe Lightroom
and other software tools

This tutorial is designed to help people improve their image processing workflow using the methods I employ with my own images. This covers Adobe Lightroom and additional tools that I use with some images (Nik Collection and Topaz Labs suite). It's not exhaustive, I am not a software guru, I'm a working photographer who needs to get processing done effectively & efficiently! The purpose of this tutorial session is to give you the key tips on workflow for you to adapt into a process that suits you.

This 1 hour Zoom tutorial covers:

  • Importing, file management and storage
  • Image selection
  • Image processing in Lightroom
  • Additional processing with Nik or Topaz software
  • Metadata and output

NB: I rarely use Adobe Photoshop for image-processing, as I find it leads me to over-working images and being inefficient with time, so this tutorial does not cover Photoshop!

If you feel as though the complete workflow of image processing is a bit of a mystery this is your chance to learn how a working photographer improves the quality of their final images, using an efficient process. I wish someone had shown me, it took me years to figure it all out for myself!


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