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1 day photo workshops on the Bossington Estate

Join us for an exclusive nature photography workshop on a stunning private estate in the heart of the Test Valley, Hampshire.

A day of photography that will challenge your skills

With the time and guidance to hone your image-making

You'll take your nature photography to the next level

The Bossington Estate lies in the heart of Hampshire's Test Valley, with the famous River Test flowing through it. It's an idyllic setting, in an area with relatively little public access. This workshop provides exclusive access to the estate's fishing beats to photograph a beautiful chalkstream ecosystem in a wide variety of ways.

The concept of the workshop is not to direct you to "stand here, photograph that thing over there". In fact it's the opposite. It's about taking the time to notice the beauty of nature all around you and giving you the "mental toolkit" to translate that into beautiful photography. You will have types and styles of photography you already enjoy. The purpose of this day will be to help you hone those, but also encourage you to be creatively free and take the time to see and make images in a way that doesn't come naturally.

Left to our own devices we all tend to stay in our comfort zone and can end up in a bit of a rut, making the same images over and over again. This workshop will help you avoid these pitfalls (or break out of them!).


Why this workshop?

Time & Space

  • Full-day of photography in a varied ecosystem
  • Max group size of 4 participants
  • Expert tuition from a local pro photographer
  • On-site parking and WC

Stunning location

  • Private river access
  • The gin-clear waters of the River Test
  • Wildlife-rich environment
  • Fishing Huts to relax with a cuppa
Dates available Oct 2021 - April 2022

Details of the day

The Bossington Estate lies just south of the village of Houghton. The closest towns are Stockbridge and Romsey, with Salisbury, Winchester and Andover all around a 25 minute drive away. The River Test running through the estate has many streams and channels, which provide a variety of backgrounds and lighting conditions for you to work with, guided by your tutor, throughout the day.

You will be able to park your car onsite.

The workshop runs all day, from dawn to dusk, given the short winter days. Some of the best conditions for photography, with mist over the river, occur early in the morning so we like to make an early start to give you the best photographic opportunities. A key part of the ethos of the workshop is to take things slow! There is no rush, for the winter 21/22 season we will be concentrating on 3 fishing beats, each just a short walk from each other.

Our ethos is that good photography is never about the gear! So we are keen not to exclude anyone by saying you need "the latest anything". We are however keen for you to try as wide a range of image-making during the day and stretch your creative boundaries. There are 2 things that we'd consider essential to help you do this:

1. A lens (or lenses) that give you a range of focal lengths from wideangle to telephoto.

2. A tripod so that you can control camera stability. It also helps you slow down, take your time and be more considered!

Tom will bring a range of camera support gear along for the day, to show you alternative options, but it would be ideal if you had your own tripod to work with throughout the day.

The only gear we ask people not to bring are drones. We are on a private estate with a lot of over-flying birdlife and have taken the decision not to allow drones on the basis of both wildlife safety and the privacy of the landowners.


Access to the estate for the whole day

Tution from Tom Hadley

On site car parking and WC facilities


Transport to/from Bossington Estate



£275 inc VAT per participant. If you have a party of 4 you would like to book for, then please contact us with your ideal dates as additional workshops dates can be booked for this number.

Your tutor for the day

Bossington Estate photography workshops are tutored by Tom Hadley, a professional photographer born in the Test Valley and who lives right next to the estate, watching its wildlife and weather conditions every single day!

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